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eBookwise Librarian 2.0

An e-book conversion tool to create documents compatible with an eBookwise-1150
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If you are the proud owner of an eBookwise-1150 reading device and would love to use it to read documents in formats different to those supported by your e-book reader, then you need eBookwise Librarian. This Windows-based tool will transform any DOC, RTF, HTML, TXT, Rocket, and OPF document or book into an IMP file that you can then upload into your e-book reader.
Being not only a book converter, but also a “librarian”, this tool will help you organize your personal e-book library by creating and managing as many virtual bookshelves as you need. Actually, the sort of “library” the program offers to keep your collection organized is very simple, with very limited possibilities – thus, you will be able to create new shelves (folders), group your files together in the shelf of your choice, sort them by title or format, and move them from one shelf to another.
The conversion process is very straightforward – select a source file, add a title and an author, and press “OK”. However, you will have to repeat this process for each book you need to convert, as the program offers no batch capabilities. You can use books already in your system, or download files from your favorite web sites, which can be accessed directly from eBookwise Librarian.
Except for HTML files, for every book you convert the program will create a new independent book - only HTML files can be grouped together into a single new title. The resulting book shows a clear layout which includes all the images present in the original file. Besides, the program will add page numbers, headers, and margins.
Once the new books are created you can check them easily by opening them with the viewer provided. This is, in fact, a Gemstar eBook Viewer, which will show you the new book just as you will see it in your eBookwise-1150, though with not as much functionality. (Note that the books created using this tool can also be enjoyed in some of the Gemstar reading devices, such as the GEB 1100, GEB 1150, GEB 2150, and REB 1200.)

Francisco Martínez
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  • Fast conversion process
  • Simple upload interface
  • Clean layout of output files


  • Creation of a single book from different sources is limited to HTML
  • Lack of batch capabilities
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